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Private tour guide to Necropolis tombs of Saint Magno, archaeological site in the Corato area (National Park of Alta Murgia)

Private tour guide to Necropolis tombs of Saint Magno, archaeological site in the Corato area (National Park of Alta Murgia)

Private tour guide at the archaeological site of Necropolis tombs of San Magno and the snow church, in the rural area of Corato and inside the Alta Murgia National Park


Discover one of the most interesting archaeological sites of the Alta Murgia National Park
Explore the sepulchres and construction techniques
Discover the snow church near the necropolis

Tour details:

Walking tour in the National Park of Alta Murgia, about 13 km from Corato in a south-southeasterly direction, a necropolis of barrow graves has been discovered. The central area of the necropolis stretches about 2 km in a north/south orientation and for about 1 km east/west.

The graves’ structure reveals in its midst a cist, mainly rectangular and rather large, surrounded by both blocks and slabs more or less megalithic resembling a dolmenic type, if not authentically dolmen, and clearly tied to cists of the mentioned dolmenic barrow grave of the late bronze age.
Inside the graves were found bronze and iron objects and vases, mostly fragmented, both impasto and achromatic and painted with fine clay in a geometric style, noteworthy among which is a small cup of Eastern-Greek type found in tomb no. 12 dating from between the last quarter of the VII century B.C. and the first quarter of the VI century B.C.: this was either an import product or a local imitation from Metaponto or Siris where many Apulianmateran vascular complexes have been found.  Even the vascular repertory, although fragmentary, has offered sufficient elements of identification and cultural and chronological placing of the examined graves.
Specifically identified have been fragments of a vase-filter, handles and horned appendices.


Meeting point with the guide:

  • Strada provinciale (refer to GPS coordinates)


  • Licensed tour guide

Not included:

  • Tasting/Lunch/Dinner
  • Transportation/Pick up

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